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#31: Winter Means Layers

Posted on: January 31st, 2014 by Dave Terrell

John, Ric, Bri, and Dave talk about birthday parties, a harrowing parenting experience, and Bri’s skiing prowess. They find out about the last ninja, discuss a quiz, Dave thinks you’ll like the new Switchfoot album. And then John tries to come up with a band name. This does not go well for him.

#30: Beard-cicles

Posted on: January 23rd, 2014 by Dave Terrell

John, Ric, Bri, and Dave start off by talking about their weeks and then John drops an info bomb and walks away laughing. You don’t want to miss this one. They then find out about a group trying to build a questionable statue and a guy that does something awesome with a different statue. Dave […]

#29: The Year Of Lists

Posted on: January 22nd, 2014 by Dave Terrell

We are back!!! The break ended up being a bit longer than we had anticipated, but we promise the wait is worth it! John, Ric, Bri, and Dave all catch up on their holidays and give their favorite lists of 2013.

The True Hallmark of our Faith!

Posted on: January 16th, 2014 by Jerry Shaffer

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are tired and weighed down and I will give you rest!”  Rest, sounds good doesn’t it? Rest has become a multimillion dollar industry!  Think about it. Spas, resorts, vacation clubs, time-shares, and cruises were all created in an effort to offer rest.  And still the pace and […]

You Are Called

Posted on: January 9th, 2014 by Jerry Shaffer

You are Called. It never ceases to amaze me that the simplest things are usually the most important, even profound.  We hear this word get thrown around in some weird ways. “That’s not a job, it’s a ‘calling’.”  “Not everyone can do that, you have to be ‘called’ to it.”  Usually it makes something sound terrible […]