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Now I Remember…

Posted on: May 28th, 2014 by Jerry Shaffer

This week, we had our annual baptism service at The Well.  Twelve people were baptized for the first time!  As we listened to their stories and heard about their struggles and hopes, I could feel myself filling up with a breath of fresh air pushing itself deep into my lungs. More than anything else I […]

#43: Man Down!

Posted on: May 27th, 2014 by Dave Terrell

We talk about adventures in “Take Your Kids To Work Day”, Ric’s interesting Panera visit, some weird questions that some kids got in school, and some lost games. Dave thinks you will like the new album by NEEDTOBREATHE, and Bri reviews Transcendence.

#42: Candy Necklace Stains

Posted on: May 16th, 2014 by Dave Terrell

We talk about Ric’s first audible burp, John’s adventurous sleep over, Bri’s issue with a vehicle, and an Easter egg hunt. We find out about some interesting prom attire, and some scary news about monkeys. Dave talks about Jack White’s record-breaking scheme and we have a question of the week. Where would you go if […]


Posted on: May 9th, 2014 by Jerry Shaffer

This is to my mom. Thanks!  I remember riding the bus home from school on the first day of 1st grade.  We had moved to Germany a couple of months before, and had just recently moved into our new home.  I was 5 years old.  That morning Dad had dropped me off at school and […]

Making Disciples

Posted on: May 7th, 2014 by Jerry Shaffer

Matthew’s gospel, or biography of Jesus, ends with Jesus issuing one last command to his followers.  They are instructed to go out into the world and make additional followers of Jesus. The movement that came from this small group of devoted followers is what we now refer to as The Church. What is interesting is […]