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A Leader’s Perspective on “What’s Next?”

Posted on: April 28th, 2015 by Jerry Shaffer

Great leaders never stop growing!  Paul echoes that understanding in his letter to the church at Philippi, “I don’t mean to say that I have already achieved these things or that I have already reached perfection.  But I press on to possess that perfection for which Christ Jesus first possessed me.”  (3:12)  None of us […]

#77: But You’re Upcycling

Posted on: April 27th, 2015 by Dave Terrell

This week we’re talking about new beginnings! John share about new beginning for his alma mater and Shannon talks about new beginnings for her refrigerator. We find out about some upcycling options and some cool paintings that have been rescued. Then Dave and Ric talk about the new album from Passion.

Next – Part 3

Posted on: April 26th, 2015 by Dave Terrell

1. Tell about a time you made a really dumb or dangerous decision. 2. Have you ever saved someone’s life, or had someone save yours?  What happened? 3. Did the experience change you?  How? 4. When you think about the word: Salvation and Transformation, what do they have in common?  How are they different? Read: […]

Taking the Next Steps

Posted on: April 23rd, 2015 by Jerry Shaffer

It’s easy to talk about taking the next steps… it’s even easy taking the first couple.  It’s the follow through that is so hard.  It makes me think about the way gym enrollment swells every January.  Those first two weeks of the year, it’s impossible to get on a piece of equipment.  When you finally […]

#1: Helping People Grow Spiritually

Posted on: April 21st, 2015 by Dave Terrell

Join the conversation in our first episode as we listen to Jerry Shaffer and John Gilmore discuss how to help people grow spiritually.

Next – Part 2

Posted on: April 19th, 2015 by Dave Terrell

Do you believe that you are called to live a life of worthiness for God? What are the struggles with living this out daily? Where is God challenging you to change how you think about who you are him? What is one item that you still carry in your thought process from your life before […]


Posted on: April 17th, 2015 by Jerry Shaffer

This week Shannon Hansen, our Director of Children’s Ministries, was out of town because her grandmother passed away.  At the same time, my friend, Walt Halliwell, was losing his mother.  Shari our Worship Pastor’s mother passed away a couple of months ago and even as I write this blog I am monitoring a situation with […]

Be Baptized

Posted on: April 15th, 2015 by Jerry Shaffer

On the day of Pentecost, thousands of converts asked Peter, “what must we do to be saved?”.  His response was to repent and be baptized. (Acts 2:38)  According to the Gospel writer Matthew, when John protested the idea of baptizing Jesus, Jesus said, “we should do this to fulfill all righteousness.”  (Matt. 3:15)  Coupled with […]

#76: 3 Cans A Day

Posted on: April 13th, 2015 by Dave Terrell

We hear about John’s trip abroad, Shannon hanging out with her roommate, and Dave is spending the week alone again. We find out about a method for long life and some health tips from the internet. And Dave and John share their opinions on the movie Whiplash.

Next – Part 1

Posted on: April 12th, 2015 by Dave Terrell

Read one of Jesus’ baptism narratives from one of the Gospels. (Baptism of Jesus: Matthew 3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-22; John 1:29-33) 1.) What is the funniest or worst baptism/christening story you have ever witnessed? 2.) Have you been baptized? Why did you make that choice? 3.) Do you think Baptism is a matter of […]