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The Promise – Week 4

Posted on: March 27th, 2017 by Dave Terrell

Have you ever Prayed, God if you’ll just get me out of this then I’ll…? Tell the story. Life is marked with difficulties. What does it mean to you when Jesus told us in John 16 to “Take heart, because I have overcome the world.”? What does it mean to you that God is our […]

The Promise – Week 3

Posted on: March 19th, 2017 by Jerry Shaffer

Scriptures: John 1:1-18; Gen. 12:1-9; 15:1-18; 22:15-16, 18; Matthew 5:17-20; Eph. 2:8-9; Rom. 10:9-10; Heb. 10:1-5; 2 Tim. 3:1-5; Gal. 5:22-23; 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Overview:  The Promise The Apostle Peter said, “God chose him [Jesus] as your ransom long before the world began, but now in these last days he has been revealed for your […]

The Promise – Week 2

Posted on: March 13th, 2017 by Dave Terrell

Let’s share some funny stories about ourselves. Does anyone have a story like Dave’s when he fell over in the chair? Have you ever had a situation where you saw something from one perspective and it turned out to be wrong? What does God’s name “The One who sees me” mean to you? Does knowing that […]

The Promise – Week 1

Posted on: March 5th, 2017 by Jerry Shaffer

Scriptures: John 1:1-18; Isaiah 55:9; Joshua 5:13-15: John 1:18; Col. 2:9; Eph. 3:12; Joshua 24:31 Overview: So many of our words within Christianity have lost their meaning.  Much of this is due to the fact, that they are archaic and no longer relevant within our greater culture.  So in order to learn, organize, and use […]