Dream Team

Let’s face it: The Well wouldn’t be who we are without you. From the people who greet at the doors every weekend service with hot coffee and a handshake to the volunteers who minister to our kids every week, we couldn’t do much of anything without the support of all the people who share in our vision, God’s vision, for this community.

Church experts tell us that visitors who experience good music and meaningful worship might come back for a second service. Profound teaching and preaching can draw them into a community for up to five years, but if we really want people to stay, to integrate and grow with us, they have to find an outlet to express their personal, individual ministry and talents in a way that is significant to them.

Here at The Well, we want to empower all people to find their unique place of service, that niche in the greater community that gives them freedom and allows them to experience a deeper, active sense of faith through service. Joining the Dream Team is our way of facilitating that process. You can attend our Growth Track to find out more about getting involved.



Get connected and help others connect to God and The Well. This is for those who love people and love to spend time building relationships.

  • Get Connected Team
    Get Connected Team

    Help guest families and individuals find out more and connect to The Well.

  • Leadership Team
    Leadership Team

    Get "in-the-know" and help in one of the many leadership roles available.

  • Online Community Team
    Online Community Team

    Build community online through one of our many connection points Twitter/Facebook/LK/YouVersion. (Monitor Sites; Leave comments/Become fans; Update)

  • Small Groups
    Small Groups

    Build relationships, strengthen the community, mentoring and have fun through small groups.

    • Spiritual Formation
      Spiritual Formation

      Help lead one of our many intentional small groups designed specifically for spiritual development and maturation.

    • Prayer Team
      Prayer Team

      Pray in small groups, before or during services, for special needs and keep our staff, leadership and community covered




Does your heart break for people? Ministry is for those who are looking for opportunities to be God's hands and feet to the church and the community.

  • Student Ministries
    Student Ministries

    Serve in one of our four areas of student ministries.

    • Tiny Lagoon
      Tiny Lagoon

      Nursery teachers and helper.

    • Big Kids Bay
      Big Kids Bay

      Pre-school teachers and helpers.

    • The Wave
      The Wave

      Teachers and helpers for our children's church.

    • Pier 412
      Pier 412

      Youth workers.

  • Prayer

    Join our prayer team for Prayer in small groups, before or during services, for special needs and keep our staff, leadership and community covered.

  • Care Ministry
    Care Ministry

    Help care for the sick and needy.

    • Orphans, Widows & Seniors
      Orphans, Widows & Seniors

      Help with honey do's and some basic household repairs for a special group of Wellers.

    • Meals

      Make meals for those in need.

    • Shut-in Care
      Shut-in Care

      House cleaning and yard work for Wellers recovering from sickness or surgeries.

  • Justice/Missions

    Join one of the many teams working tirelessly to make a difference in social issues or connect with missionaries and plan missions opportunities.

    • Justice Team
      Justice Team

      Join one of the many teams working tirelessly to make a difference in social issues.

    • Missions Team
      Missions Team

      Help connect with missionaries and plan missions opportunities.


Weekend Experience


Help create an environment where people can experience God. This is for those who want to get involved with any aspect of the weekend services.

  • Environment Team
    Environment Team

    Serve in one of the many teams that are responsible for the overall experience on the weekend services.

    • White Glove
      White Glove

      The last line of defense before we launch into our service are the ones who make sure everything is in it place, and have had that finishing touch.

    • Lights/Graphics

      Help set the mood and run our lights or graphic station during service.

    • Creative Design Teams
      Creative Design Teams

      Help design and set up our stage decor and special events.

    • Sound Tech.
      Sound Tech.

      If you have experience with sound tech. or would like to learn.

  • Worship Team
    Worship Team

    Serve in the band on an instrument, provide vocals or use your natural talents as an (artist, poet, performer...) to help enhance worship environments like our High Water Mark.

    • Creative Worship
      Creative Worship

      Artists, poets, and performers of any kind are used to enhance services and create special worship environments like our High Water Marks.

    • Band/Vocals

      Musician and Vocalists who would like to serve in one of our many worship environments.

  • Creative Team
    Creative Team

    Assist with video, photography, graphics, web page design and marketing efforts to augment our services and get the word out about what God is doing with The Well.

    • Video/Photography

      Filming and editing video, creation of shorts, plugs and bumpers, and well as still slide shows.

    • Graphic Design
      Graphic Design

      Making the vision visual through printed and graphic design and layout.

    • Web Page Design/Creation
      Web Page Design/Creation

      Assist in the design, layout or maintaining of the web site.

    • Marketing

      Help us get the word out and promote what God is doing through this community.

  • Hospitality

    Help make everyone feel Well-come serving as a greeter, usher, brewer or by hanging out at the information or bookstore tables.

    • Brewers

      Set up and maintain the coffee stations on Sunday mornings.

    • Ushers/Greeter

      Make everyone feel welcome and help direct guests through a meaningful first experience.

    • Information/Bookstore

      Are you and "Know-it-all"? Have we got the job for you.


Behind the Scenes


Does your skill set or personality seem to work behind the scenes? Come and help us organize and plan events, work in the office or on the IT team.

  • Organizational/Administration
    Organizational / Administration

    Help in The Well offices or in event planning.

    • Office Help
      Office Help

      Serve during the week at the Office.

    • Event Planning
      Event Planning

      Help plan and execute one the many events throughout the year.

  • Information Technology (IT)
    Information Technology

    Assist with hardware and software installations and other IT customer service and maintenance issues.

    • Well Connected
      Well Connected

      Be the IT dept for the churches growing online community and help create and maintain many of the online systems that allow us to grow.

    • Web Build and Maintenance
      Web Build and Maintenance

      This is the behind the scene coding that actually goes into our web creation and maintenance.