Making Waves

Making Waves is the social justice arm of The Well. We feel very strongly that God has asked us as The Well to get involved in helping end human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Our Goal is to end to modern day slavery and child sex exploitation. We believe this is possible. Do you?

First step: Be aware.
We must wake up to the fact that this atrocity lives and breathes not only in a far off, intangible country, but in our own backyards. Where? …Schools, malls, strip clubs, massage parlors, restaurants, trusted friends selling children/girlfriends to pimps for a profit, the internet, “ads” for modeling and nanny positions, large public events: the Superbowl, Taste of Chicago and more. This is a reality and needs to be extinguished.

Second Step: Respond.
Have you ever had something stolen from you? How did you feel? Angry, enraged, defeated, vulnerable… unsafe? That was one moment in time. Days passed and you moved on. Now imagine what goes on in the heart of a child or young woman whose mind, body, and soul are stolen and sold for sex day in and day out – they are being robbed of their dignity with no end in sight. Can we fathom the despair and hopelessnes that must dominate their entire being? Is this hell on Earth?

We are committed to create a movement of people who will painfully stare this issue in its face. Motivated by love we will work toward saving and protecting the victims while also addressing the root causes of these crimes.

Together we can help victims of the sex trade to reclaim their lives, unshackle their dreams and aspirations. We are God’s hands and feet. We have the ability to assist in polishing away the past until their silver and gold shine them into a new future and new hope.

We begin the movement right here in the Tri-Cities and won’t stop until the entire globe in reached. We want to empower anyone ready for this redemptive journey to take action …today.

Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Your life begins to end the day you become silent about things that matter.

This matters.