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Sunday Services

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We all have expectations when it comes to our places of worship. We want to help find the place that best fits you!


To find community that genuinely cares about you and your family.
To find a casual environment where all types of people are accepted and loved.
To find relevant teaching with practical application that will impact your everyday life.
To find safe, clean, fun and age appropriate communication for your children.
To find upbeat modern music to help you connect with God.
The service to last about an hour and a half.
All the free coffee you could want.

Visiting in the near future?

Pre-register your kids here for a faster check-in process!

At The Well, we believe that when Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me”, he meant it. He really meant it. In fact, he went as far as to say that the kingdom of Heaven actually belongs to the children and the child-like. And while we’re unclear as to whether that means Heaven will involve lots of crayons and be set up like the kids’ area at Ikea, we are incredibly serious about creating an environment that welcomes children into Christ’s kingdom and helps foster a deeper understanding of his love for both them and our world. Our goal is to remove any barriers that would prevent a child from knowing the life-changing love of Jesus and to partner with parents to further their child’s spiritual development, no matter their age. We do so by being:


Kids aren’t just smaller versions of adults, so we teach the scriptures to children in kid-centric ways, building from easy to understand building blocks of faith to more complex ideas and themes. We engage in worship in ways that make sense to children, and we consistently teach about issues that kids might face on a daily basis.


What’d you expect? It’s no secret that play is one of the best ways for a child to learn, and it just so happens that having fun is one of our core values at The Well. All of our teachers and volunteers share a passion for children and a serious commitment to having fun. We always have plenty of games, jokes, and laughs to engage your child in the work of God.


We believe that children rise to the challenges that have been placed in front of them. Therefore, we attempt to challenge the kids to continue to become an accurate picture of God’s love and grace to their friends and families.


We’re also parents, so we know that making sure your kids are safe and secure is a pressing concern in the hearts and minds of parents. Be assured that the safety of all children is a top priority at The Well. You’ll easily recognize our children’s ministry workers by their handy nametags, so you’ll feel safe knowing who’s in charge, and our check-in system ensures that children are secure until a parent or guardian comes to pick them up. Furthermore, all volunteers receive background checks and participate in emergency drills.


We believe that all children can know the love of Christ. At The Well, we are aware that no two kids are the same and are committed to teaching children with special physical or developmental needs. If you’d like to know more about our Special Needs ministry, The Reef, please contact our Children’s Director, Shannon Hansen.

Age Appropriate

Children’s ministry during our weekend services comprises of five classes that engage kids, no matter the age.

Small Groups (grades 6-12)

Small Groups are the connection to authentic discipleship, new friendships, and tons of fun. In good times and bad, small groups are the source of life-giving relationships and support. Students will never experience all that God has to offer until they connect in life-giving relationships.

Small Groups are divided by ages and gender and usually cover a variety of topics that are relevant to students’ everyday life. Groups meet in homes throughout the Tri-Cities during the school year. Locations and times vary depending on the group.

To find the small group that best fits you, email our Youth Pastor, Isaiah Shaffer, at!

First Fridays

Each First Friday of the month we invite Junior High, High School & College age students from The Well as well as youth groups from all over the area to gather together, connect with one another, have fun and be encouraged in their faith. Our hope is the anyone that comes out for this amazing night of worship, teaching, fellowship and fun will leave equipped and empowered to the “next step” in their relationship with Jesus Christ.