Small Groups

Discipleship is a lifelong adventure of chasing after God, and here at The Well we offer a variety of small groups to help facilitate personal and communal spiritual formation. We believe that Small Groups give us the ability to deepen our understanding of who Christ is, and who we are, by strengthening our community, developing leadership, and expressing our core beliefs. Not to mention that The Well’s small groups are a wonderful way to connect with new individuals in the church and build lasting relationships with others who share our faith. Tell your story, and learn from the lives of others. You can connect with people while finding meaningful ways to serve your community and learn to love, encourage, and grow with friends.

Small groups can be based on similar interests, similar life situations, or an engaging topic; whether single or married, young or just young-at-heart, there’s a small group for you. Small groups meet on a 3 on, 1 off weekly basis (the goal being to meet 3 times a month) and the commitment can go from 15 weeks for our curriculum based groups all the way to 12 months.