You Asked For It – Pregnancy Information Center

Posted on: May 8th, 2017 by Dave Terrell

Welcome to You Asked For It! We will be posting questions and answers to questions that didn’t fit into a weekend service here on our blog. Here we go with our first one!

Does the pregnancy information center that The Well backs, offer abortions every Monday? I ask to clarify what protesters were saying on Easter Sunday outside of the church grounds.

No, they do not offer or provide abortions. Their entire mission as an organization is to save and protect life. In January of 2016 a law went into effect in Illinois that mandates that, upon patient request, all healthcare providers must provide patients with a written referral, or transportation, to an organization that provides abortions. This law also states they are required to share the “benefits” of an abortion with patients. I’m sure you can you see, clearly, this puts any pro-life medical provider in a serious moral quandary. Pregnancy Information Center (PIC) sent out an email earlier this year addressing the concerns that this bill brought up and I would like to share a portion of that with you.

Simply put, NO! As a Christian organization, we are called to protect life not participate in destroying what God has created. Nor do we believe there are ever any benefits in taking the innocent life of a child. Furthermore, we will not lie to or deceive this community. Since this law went into effect, we have had to temporarily limit the services that we can ethically provide. Although we are able to continue providing education classes and baby supplies to current and new clients, we are not in a position to take new patients in our medical department at this time. For everyone, this has been very disappointing, but we have chosen this course of action because we believe that it is the only way to protect both our integrity and our future as a center. God sees a much bigger picture and we must trust in his guidance and direction. We also have no doubt that our supporters will help us fight this unconstitutional law and will support and pray for us through this process.
As you can see they have already had to take a tough position in the fight for life. The most powerful tool they had to help young girls who are faced with the decision to have an abortion is to give them an ultrasound. 80% of young women who have an ultrasound and hear their baby’s heartbeat will make a decision for life for their young baby. And PIC has lost that tool because of this new law.
That is definitely a disappointing place for them to be as they try to counsel young ladies in distressing situations. But this isn’t just a bad story because we serve a God who is bigger than we are and He has been on the move in PIC’s behalf.
Last year in the first quarter they had one hundred clients and seven of them were at risk of choosing an abortion. Six of them chose not to abort and they lost contact with the seventh young lady. This year they had forty-four clients come in for services and twenty-four of them were at risk for an abortion. Every single one of those twenty-four babies was saved.


Even with half as much opportunity due to the law preventing them from providing medical services, in 2017 they have increased their impact by four times. This is a miracle!
We are passionate about the cause of life and are excited that we get the opportunity to partner with such a great organization.